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Banished by Shelly Saber

Banished Otherworldly Princess Book 1 Shelly Saber Genre: YA Sci-Fi/Fantasy Romance ASIN: ‎B09NP8LH64 Publisher: ‎Booklover Legion Publication Date: ‎January 21, 2022 Description: Jule is a princess from the planet, Kelari. For years, she buried her desires to serve her people. But when an enemy banishes her to Earth, she can no longer contain them, and she's given one choice. Her guardian, Zaren, is a champion and beyond gorgeous with dark hair and gray eyes that remind her of an approaching thunderstorm. It doesn't bode well that his every touch sets her skin on fire. But Jule's parents and sister are missing, and she's been branded a traitor. She has maybe two weeks to live before Earth's atmosphere suffocates her, and the only way to return home is if she helps a human find his keffing soul mate. Dylan is beyond sexy, but he's also insufferably arrogant. She should locate another human for him to fall in love with, but secretly she wants him all to herself, even though they can never be together. Then there's Liam, the pierced and tattooed vampire ordered to change her to serve his queen. Of course, that can't happen, but it's difficult to resist when his fangs sink into her skin as his fingers caress her body. With time running out, she must sacrifice her cravings to save her family, exact her revenge, and claw her way toward a happily ever after. In the end, there is only one man for Jule. But first, she'll have to lose her heart to them all. This is a young adult 100,000-word fade-to-black science fiction, and fantasy romance. The main character falls for multiple men, including an alien, a human, and a vampire. But she chooses one, so this isn't reverse harem. Because we all have to kiss a few of the wrong guys before we finally find the right one. If you enjoy the romantic journey, love twists and turns, adventure, and out-of-this-world happily ever afters, then you will love the Otherworldly Princess series.

About the Author:Shelly's love of science fiction started at a young age when she watched the OG Battle Star Galactica with her family. Over the years, she fell in love with reading science fiction. She loves looking up at the stars on a cool summer night in Wyoming and imagining what could be out there. Website: Facebook: Amazon:

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