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The Journey

So, many of you know that I'm severely deaf in one ear (like can't hear any sound until it's at least 90 dB = loud as a jackhammer right next to you)! This past weekend the eardrum in my non deaf ear ruptured removing most of my hearing. Please join me if you will, this week consists of medication to help bring down the inflammation in that ear. Next week will be surgery. I get to enjoy the echoing symphony of tinnitus bouncing around in my head between the two ears as a bonus. :) And, of course, I'm hyperthyroid again on top of it all! :) How else do you think I get everything done = hyper! :) On TikTok I'm continuing the process of becoming fluent in ASL. I feel that my hands are uncoordinated and I'm moving rather slowly but keep on keeping on. Stephanie Hansen Aut (@stephaniehansenauthor) | TikTok I'm also going to be eating healthier (I'm often pretty good about veggies but tried adding some fruit to my breakfast today).

I'm sure this will all end up in my fiction somehow (just like the bone marrow biopsy I went through and more). :) I also had shingles as well as meningitis in my twenties (both before big tests/certifications) so something's going on, but it is a bit of a mystery yet to the medical community. My platelet count is closer to 1M when the max should be 400k so great for healing, not so great if you run the risk of heart attack or stroke (another reason to keep eating healthy, be active, meditate, etc). You can only imagine where I'll incorporate that into my books! ;)

Many of you will want to tell me, it's going to be fine. You'll be able to hear and function normally. While I appreciate it, I would rather know that things are always not fine and that's okay (it means you're living), there's a 99.9% chance that I will never hear and function normally (it's why I drove my geometry teacher mad as a freshman in high school attempting to come up with new theorems instead of working on assignments)! :) Keep being weird, different, and authentically you. That's what makes a good story! :)


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