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The Ghost and the Wolf by Shelly X Leonn

If that which is bent never breaks, what happens to those who are already broken?

Shelly X. Leonn takes readers into a world where the rebellious protagonists are nothing, forgotten and shoved aside by society at large. This story is an exploration of the kids barely surviving on the fringe and longing for something more. It's the first book of THE BROKEN series.

“The scenes in THE GHOST AND THE WOLF are so vivid that they entered my dreams after reading.” -Stephanie Hansen, Metamorphosis Literary Agency President.

Penelope, a student reporter, struggles to find her identity after a childhood of tragedy. Desperate to prove herself to her peers, she chases a story tip on a secret organization of teen urban explorers called The Broken. The group demands she complete a test before they let her write the story. While following the clues of their twisted scavenger hunt, she encounters Lex, a paranormal investigator with a knack for hacking, and together they work to uncover the organization's darkest secrets. As they tag along on some of the group's urban exploration missions, including an abandoned farmhouse, a vacant mall, and a haunted truck stop, they became entangled in the group's inner fighting and their leader s plans that turn out to be much more nefarious...and deadly...than they had believed. Realizing her mistakes too late, Penelope will have to fight for her own life and the lives of her friends as she learns what it means to be one of the broken.

About the author:

Shelly X. Leonn is the author of The Broken Series. After graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in journalism, Shelly worked at her hometown newspaper as the web and youth editor. During her time advising the youth staff, Shelly realized her true calling was teaching. Her years in education have been spent in middle school and high school language arts classrooms. She is also an adjunct professor.

She and her two boys reside in Affton, and she enjoys reading, writing, outdoor activities, anime, video games, and other dorky pastimes.

You can find more information about Shelly through her website, Instagram, Podcast, and Pinterest pages.

Website: Instagram: shellyxleonnauthor Pinterest: @shellyxleonn

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ISBN # 978-1945654374 * September 24, 2019 * Retail Price $14.95

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