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The Dark Awakening by D.L. Blade

The Dark Awakening

The Chosen Coven

Book One

D.L. Blade

Genre: YA Paranormal

Publisher: Fifth Element Publishing

Date of Publication: October 2nd, 2018

ISBN: 9780578416458


Number of pages: 252

Word Count: 69,000

Cover Artist: Redbird Designs

Tagline: Darkness is coming, and she’s their last hope

Book Description:

She's stalked, hunted, and a villainous vampire desires her blood.

Mercy’s life is anything but ordinary. A stalker lurks in the shadows, and a man rescues her from a life-threatening car accident, but vanishes right before her eyes.

But this man who she thought was a hallucination, tracks her down at a nearby cove, and claims they were once in love from another time. Another century.

Mercy has no memory of this world he shares, and instinctively doesn’t trust him.

He also reveals to her a life-changing secret—she’s a powerful witch, vampires are real, and she's destined to destroy them.

Mercy finds herself dragged into a centuries-old battle against the undead, and a sadistic vampire leader has set his sights on her. And he will stop at nothing until he claims Mercy as his own.

She and her coven won’t go down without a fight. She needs to discover the truth about her past, and the power she holds, before it’s too late.


“You’re shaking,” he said with a sideways grin on his face. He finally let go of my hand.

“I need to go. Thanks for finding my phone.” I stepped quickly to the side to walk by him, but he moved into my path, blocking me from going any further.

“Mercy, relax. I’m not going to hurt you.”

Everything around me froze in place and my heart stopped in its tracks.

He knows me. How did he know my real name?

I found myself hyperventilating as I took a step back.

“Did you … did you go … go to my school?”

Act like you’re not scared out of your freaking mind, Mercy.

“I don’t understand. How do you know my name?”

“We met a long time ago, but your memory of me no longer exists. I tracked you down tonight and was waiting for you to be alone after that boy left.”

“Did you mess with my car?” I asked. Tears welled up in my eyes and I couldn’t stop the uncontrollable shaking.

He didn’t answer. His intense gaze was fixated on me, as if he had been analyzing every detail of my face.

This time I stepped back, thinking if I ran fast enough, I could run from behind the bench and get to my car before he could stop me. It was as if he could read my thoughts; he moved forward, grabbed my arm in a tight grip and pulled me toward his chest. He looked down at me, brushing the hair away from my eyes and tucking it behind my ears.

“I’ve missed you,” he said softly as he slowly lowered me down to the bench again next to us.

Oh my God, he’s crazy.

The look he gave me—as if I meant something to him—shook me to the core.

“Please don’t hurt me.” I closed my eyes as if I were anticipating a blow. Tears stung my eyes.

“I already told you, I’m not going to hurt you.” I heard a frustrated grunt and sigh come from him. “Open your eyes, Mercy, and look at me.”

My eyes shot open.

“You’re in danger and it’s not from me. Someone has been following you. I’m here to protect you.” He slowly released his grip and gave us some space.

“I don’t want your help. I don’t know you.” My voice cracked.

Oh God, Riley. Please come back.

He let out another frustrated grunt. “Mercy, you really need to relax and trust me. I know it’s hard, but I am the only one you can trust right now.” I couldn’t believe what he was saying. He was a stalker and I had to get away from him. He must have seen me eyeing my car, because he gripped my wrist again, keeping me from moving.

“Now, we can chat out here, or we can drive over to the other side of the cove and talk over coffee. I say coffee.”

“I … I …”

“Look, I knew if I approached you with Lily or your friends around, there’d be more questions than answers I’m willing to give them. This is the first time I’ve been able to get you alone. Now, let’s get in my car and drive to the other side where the bar is. You can come willingly, or I can make you.”

Screw this guy.

I bent down quickly, grabbed a long, thick branch, and brought it hard against his head. He fell to the ground, so I bolted toward the forest.

I didn’t get far before I felt my body lunge forward and my legs kick back. His grip on my ankle caused me to wince.

“Mercy, stop running, dammit. I can explain everything if you just stop freaking the hell out.”

I kicked him in the face with my other leg until he let go and I got back to my feet, now sprinting deeper into the forest.

Where am I going to go?

All I knew was this guy was not someone I wanted to be alone with. I may not have seen anyone else out there, but I hoped someone would hear me and help me.

“Help!” I screamed as loud as I could. I just needed to lock myself in the truck and call the police.

When I turned around, he was nowhere to be seen. A heavy sigh escaped as I eyed Lily’s truck about a hundred feet ahead. I looked around one more time and then sprinted to the truck. Once inside, I locked it and pulled my phone out of my pocket. My phone had been turned off.

This is going to take too long.

He would reach me before my phone powered on. I powered it on anyway and put my hands back on the keys which were still in the ignition. I tried again. The car didn’t make a sound.

Please turn on, please turn on.

I gripped the keys so tightly that the house key was digging into my palm. “Turn on!” The feeling of electricity sparked in my hand, followed by a green light from my fingertips. I quickly removed my hand and the car started up.

What the hell?

The shock of what had just happened stunned me. I couldn’t move or think straight.

I sensed movement ahead coming out of the forest and I looked up. He was standing there. His sleeves were now pulled up to his elbows, revealing his muscular arms. My eyes narrowed down to his wrist, revealing a red flame tattoo that reached from his wrist to his elbow. My stomach churned and I felt like throwing up. It was him; it was the man who had pulled me from my car after the accident.

About the Author:

D.L. Blade grew up in southern California, but relocated to Colorado with her family in 2014.

She always loved writing, concentrating on poetry rather than prose when she was younger. That changed however, when she had a dream one night and decided to create a story about it.

In her spare time, D.L. enjoys a wide variety of hobbies, including reading, attending rock concerts and volunteering at local animal shelters where she can indulge in her passion for all forms of life.

In the future, D.L. hopes that she can continue to write exciting novels that will captivate her readers and bring them into the worlds that she creates using her imagination.

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